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Food Carrier

160 Washington Ave. Albany, NY 12208

About the Role

Wages starting at $16.25/hour
• Food is transported in company vehicle
• Duties include food pick up and drop offs to and from our facilities
• Warehouse food purchases
• Transporting food safely
• Loading and unloading food
• Must be able to lift 60lbs
• Maintaining a clean and orderly work station

Things To Know Before You Apply

Must be 18 years or older to apply.
We require that all staff members arrive at work dressed in our uniform.
We provide T-shirts, hats, and a basic style hairnet.
Employees are required to provide their own pants and non-slip footwear.
We will provide examples of what style is appropriate.
All staff must wear hairnets and or hats that prevent the hair from free falling.
A bald head is the only exception to the hairnet rule.
You are responsible for providing your own if what we provide isn’t sufficient for you.
Our uniform must be neat, clean and fit properly.
The uniforms are not fitted to each individual person‘s liking but by company standards. You must be able to move around efficiently in your uniform without having to readjust your clothing.
We don’t allow tight, sagging, dingy or faded uniforms.
Long finger nails are strictly prohibited.
Facial piercings not allowed.
You need to be well groomed at the start of your shift. Your hair should be neat, combed and/or brushed inside of your hair net and under your work hat or visor.

We do not drug test.
However any employee that comes to work impaired that includes hangovers are subject to immediate termination.
Please don’t come smelling like marijuana or alcohol as you will be asked to leave.
That absence will count as a no call no show. No call no shows are not tolerated. Employees can be terminated for such behavior.
Employees who wish to smoke or vape must leave our immediate premises and parking lot.
Marijuana usage is not allowed during work hours.

Please contact us at with any questions or comments.

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